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Allison Graham
Age: She's a lady and doesn't discuss this number
BEFORE:                            AFTER:
After years of living a less than healthy lifestyle, I could have given up and let the cheesecake, alcohol and sedentary life finish my days. I decided I was tired of being overweight, tipping the scales at 185 pounds. I felt too hideous to look at myself. After doing a few jumping jacks naked in the mirror, I decided that was enough punishment to motivate me to make some changes. Enough was enough. Never really thinking I could be in that bikini again, I made the decision to sweat it off.  A serious commitment of at least 4 days a week is how to go from a size 14/16 to a size 6 and no one gives a better workout than Christi.

Having a professional plan my training has been an amazing experience. I would encourage anyone reading this to not give up. Seriously, if I can do it you can too and with such an amazing personal trainer (physical fitness body sculpting motivational guru) you will be able to do a jumping jack under any circumstances with pride.
Shawne Thorsen
Cell Scientist
Age: 27
Back in August 2011 I was reviewing pictures from my college graduation and was taken aback by the way I looked on that memorable day.  It was my big day and instead of being happy to send out graduation announcements, all I could think about was how unhappy I was about my physical appearance. I was always relatively active until I dropped sports and picked up booze and poor eating habits like many college students. Before I knew it, a few pounds a year turned into a total of 80lbs gained and something had to be done. Instead of sitting, waiting and wishing for things to change, I made the active decision to turn my life around and get in shape. Thanks to a complete change in attitude and lifestyle, I have fully embraced personal training and have adopted healthy eating habits. With the help of Christi’s expertise and guidance, I have been able to drop over 50lbs and lose 18% body fat since starting my new path to healthier, happier living.
One year ago I would have thought you were crazy if you told me I would be where I am today. Getting up to train with Christi at 5:15am on MWF is something I absolutely look forward to, and commitment I will never regret. She and I have done many work outs and not a single one has ever been the same, nor boring. She challenges me beyond what I thought capable but motivates me to always do more. It’s obvious through her technique that she’s extremely knowledgeable in physiology and uses this knowledge to help her clients and their muscles unlearn bad habits and form. If one-on-one isn’t your thing, her boot camp classes are engaging and interactive in a small group setting, and nothing less than a complete blast!  Personal training has changed my life for the better, and I have to thank Christi for making it so enjoyable!
Todd Greenfield                                              
Project Manager
Age: 48
I’ve worked out most of my entire life. In my twenties and early thirties I was in excellent shape and condition thanks to Judo and the U.S. Army. For the last 10 years however and rapidly approaching 50, my life has seemed to speed up but my fitness level has significantly slowed down due to a less physically active lifestyle. As a result I have become the perfect American statistic carrying an extra 20 pounds on average and medicating for high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Then I met Christi…
I’ve been training with Christi now for over two years and finally I feel like I am on the path to recovery and awareness. Training in general taught me to work hard but Christi has shown me how to train smart. Every session is different, challenging and fun. I look forward to every session and my wife has now joined us as well. Christi is encouraging and truly cares about our personal gains.
I’ve lost 15 lbs now and my conditioning and stamina have increased significantly. I still have a ways to go but I’m confident I can get there with Christi.
Maureen Doss
Dental Hygienist 
"As one who takes my exercise regimen seriously, I have found Christi's style of training to be creative, challenging and cutting edge!
Her dedication to helping me achieve my fitness goals is evident as each and every workout is carefully tailored to address my specific needs.  I believe her passion for helping others experience total wellness through exercise and good nutrition is rare in the personal training field today!  Also, Christi's unique ability to relate to people of ALL fitness levels is extremely valuable as one begins or wants to maintain a fitness program for improving their quality of life. 
Christi motivates and encourages me to be the BEST I can be................even at 57 yrs. old she brings out the hardcore "athlete" in me!!
I always look forward to our sessions together..........quite simply, she's THE BEST!!   Thank you, Christi!!"
 Trina Pollock Harris
 Event Manager
 Age: 45
I am from McKinney and was invited by a friend to one of Christi's Saturday Dallas camps!  She's amazing.  I've gone to two different camps in my area over the past four years, and have found that it's the best form of losing inches and weight for me.  Since June, I have been in a new camp and lost 15 inches in less than four months. My friends have said to me after seeing my trainer's post on Facebook, "How can you lose 15 inches?  You're already small."  Right.  I was small, but I definitely have lost 15 more inches and am in a size 4 now.  I wasn't even "trying" to be in a 4 and for the first time in YEARS, I can see my abs!!! 
I am 45 years old and told over and over that I have the body of a 30 something.  Best of all, I feel better about myself and have more confidence than I ever did in my 20s and 30s! Who doesn't want that, male or female?
Don't be scared of the words "boot camp".  You start and go at your own pace, however, the more you put into it, the better results you will get.  The mixture of using weights, (light -- until you can increase them), repetition, and cardio does the trick!  If I were in the FW area, I'd go to the F.I.T Factor classes because Christi is an awesome coach. Take her class(es) and let her show you the way to a healthy, fit, hotbody!
Wendy Griffin
Age: 28
Before: 215 lbs                                                
                                                  After:143 lbs
Three years ago, I hit a bottom in regards to my health and fitness.  I had been an active child and teenager, but after high school, I quit working out and started gaining weight.  When I went in for my 2 week check-up after having had my son and I weighed 215 lbs, my heaviest weight ever.  I was 23 and I was miserable.  I wasn't happy with how I looked or how I felt.  I knew I needed to make a change, and it would have to be a lifestyle change.
Slowly, I started to exercise and became more conscious of what I was putting in my body.  I began setting goals, writing them down, and I dedicated myself to achieving a "new me."  It was hard at first, but as time passed, I began looking forward to my workouts.  The more weight I lost, the more motivated I became to stick to this new lifestyle.
Within 2 years, I had lost 65 lbs and gone from a size 16 to a size 6, all as a result of becoming more active and making smart food choices.  Exercise is my lifestyle now; I live, breathe and love it.  I am an elementary PE teacher, I instruct group cycle classes, I workout almost every day, and I compete in endurance races.  I feel healthier than I ever have and I LIKE the way I look.  Staying happy and healthy physically makes me a better mother, a better wife, and a better teacher.
Christi has played a huge part in helping me achieve my fitness goals.  She's a motivator and she pushes me to my max.  She combines cardio, strength training, plyometrics, and stretching to give me workouts I don't get on my own at the gym. She has taught me exercises to help with my balance and stability, to strengthen my ankles, and to correct my posture; something I have never been taught by other trainers.  She shows me how to make minor changes in my form that makes major changes in the intensity of my workouts and stretching.  No boot camp or training session has ever been the same, so I never get bored.  And they are all individualized so that she continues to challenge me and keep me accountable.
Thank you Christi!!  I wouldn't be here without you! 
Kristen Smith
Age: 29 
About two and a half years ago I had just completed my first half-marathon and was in the best shape of my life.  Then I got married and started my first desk job.  Instead of daily runs it was daily eating out, and within two years I had put on 15 lbs.  At 5’2, my BMI was officially in the “overweight” category.  I really needed to lose the excess pounds and get back on track to a healthier lifestyle.  I started attending boot camp twice a week and immediately loved it.  I began to sleep better at night and have more energy during the day.  This allowed me to be more active overall, and the initial progress encouraged me to really kick my weight loss into gear by eating right.  While I was sweating through a workout, Christi would help evaluate my eating habits and give me pointers on making small changes that could make a huge difference. Christi also taught me the significance of incorporating weight training into my exercise routine.  I burn almost the same number of calories in an hour of cardio as I do in an hour of weight training with Christi, but after working out with Christi I continue burning calories at a higher rate all day long – not to mention that I am more toned and looking better in my pre-wedding clothes than ever before.  In seven months I have lost  the entire 15 lbs, decreased my body fat by 5%. Exercising with Christi has been great because I know I am getting the full package: she helps me identify and set healthy, attainable goals; she designs fun and effective workouts to assist me in reaching those goals; she provides the nutritional knowledge necessary to keep me on track; and most importantly, she provides much needed encouragement throughout the entire process. 
Chris Maddox
Personal Trainer
What a difference Christi has made in my training. I’ve had many trainers in the past, and always did the same thing over and over. With Christi, it’s much different.  I have never been so challenged through body weight and core movements! My balance is ten times better (notice the awesome 3 point push up) and my body feels challenged, not over trained. One of the best things that I like is her knowledge about how the body works and how to progress her clients.
I am a trainer myself, and just working out with Christi has helped me to gain a better understanding of program planning and how to keep the workouts fresh and fun. Her motto is “Train smarter, not harder”. Thank you CHRISTI for improving my workouts, and for helping me to become a better trainer.
Rashad Alston
Supply Chain Team Leader for Miller Coors
Age: 59
I have been training with Christi for over four years. When we started I was inconsistent with my workouts and had very poor eating habits. I was always tired weighing up to 250lbs and my cholesterol was over 300. My health was going in the wrong direction. Christi is very consistent. She creates and adjusts our training schedule to fit me no matter which shift I work and continuously challenges me to improve my eating habits.
The personal training, including boot camp, has worked well for me. She taught me about the value of good nutrition and better eating habits. I used to eat a lot of fried foods and high calorie snacks. I've cut back on those guilty pleasures and started to take Juice Plus+ to supplement what I have been lacking. I attribute staying healthy throughout the cold/flu seasons to Juice Plus+. My weight and cholesterol level came down at a slow steady pace, as my health, posture and energy improved. I am currently averaging 210- 213lbs at 6'1". I had my annual check up last month, and all my blood stats were right on target including my cholesterol level at 161. Life is Good! I am enjoying it much more with a healthy mind and body :) 
Thanks Fit Factor,
Dr.Duane Hilliard
In December of 2008 Duane had tipped the scales at 243lbs and had 24.3% Body fat.  He's been training 3x's a week the last several months.  Currently he is weighing in at 208lbs and down to 12% Body fat.
Nikki Manns
Grand Prairie Fire Fighter
Age: 40
I have been an athlete for approximately 25 years.  I played soccer for 23 of that.  I have worked out off and on most of my life.  I have a very physically demanding job as a fire fighter.  I always try to stay in shape, but realized I needed some extra help.  I broke my back about 3 1/2 years ago. Prior to my surgery, I was down to about 125 lbs losing mostly muscle mass from my injury. After major surgery- including steel plates and screws, I was slow to start my regimen again.
   My weight had gone up to 155 lbs. Now I have gained my muscle mass back and have lost all the added weight.  I am about 140 lbs, which is my normal weight at 5'8".  I am much more lean and muscular.  I have a lot more energy and look forward to continuing that way of life.  Once I started working out with Christi, I realized I could push myself harder that I thought. I am in better shape than I have been in years.  I am looking forward to the next phase of my training.  We are about to step it up even more. I am a true believer in having a personal trainer.  I owe my good physical health to Christi.  I eat a healthy diet and supplement Juice Plus+ everyday. She has helped me attain not only my goals, but reach higher ones I was not sure were possible.
Dan Barrett
Age: 56
 I used to work out regularly but quit a dozen or so years ago. Last year, I finally canceled the gym membership I had paid faithfully for the last 12 years, but hadn’t used.
I turned 54 in January and wasn’t feeling particularly bad – just a little sluggish with a tendency to breathe hard after a couple of flights of stairs. I was concerned about my weight, though. It had been creeping up and 197 lbs. at 5'10" was too much. My wife, Debra, had been working out with Christi for a couple of years and, when she told me that they were going to start this boot camp thing, I thought I might give it a try. Besides, my doctor told me that he wanted to start me on medication for elevated triglycerides. I’m not fond of the idea of substituting medical chemistry for a healthy lifestyle, so I opted for a trial of diet and exercise. That was in April.
I confess that the first couple of months were tough. The first class, I went at it the way I had in my thirties and paid the price of the slothful, although I didn’t actually throw up. After that I pushed hard but took to heart Christi’s admonition to work at my own pace, monitoring my heart rate and modifying the exercises when needed.  
Now it’s about to be September and I’ve been pretty faithful – at first two and now three times a week. I feel better than I have in years. I’m down 21 lbs and no longer facing the prospect of pharmaceutical dependence. I’m still a little sore after each class, but it’s the “good kind” of sore, if that makes any sense. Maybe it’s endorphins, maybe it’s a feeling of accomplishment, maybe it’s both or something else, entirely. But I look forward to the classes and won’t miss one unless it’s absolutely unavoidable.
Come join us – you’ll love it and we’d love to have you, Dan
Stacey Herrington
Dance Choreographer
Age: 49
Having struggled with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain for years, I knew that I needed guidance with regards to exercise. Though I do teach dance and am a choreographer, I had zero cardio stamina.  After working with Christi as my personal trainer for the last 4 years, I decided to give her boot camp a try when she began in April.  I noticed results within the first weeks: clothes fit better, I felt better, and I looked slimmer.  Now I am able to run farther distances than I have since my college days and my endurance and strength have been greatly enhanced. Now that my hubby joins me, it’s great! He also has lost inches that he had been struggling with and it’s something we do together to encourage each other. Christi allows me to work at my level – as she does everyone – but always pushes me to try harder and do the best I can.  She also is constantly changing it up so it never gets boring. I'm a big advocate for Juice Plus+ as well. Its added insurance for my immune system.  Thanks, Christi!
Kim Herrington
Director of Earned Value Management at Bell Helicopter
Age: 50
I have worked out with Christi for 2 years as a Personal Training client and started Boot Camps in April. I workout 2 to 3 classes a week when I am in town. She is awesome and really understands how to work and challenge your muscle groups, cardio and everything in between.
I weighed 190lbs when I started and maintain my weight at 180. I have gained inches where I wanted and lost them where I didn’t want them.  My endurance and energy are much improved from the time spent working out with her. I even have better coordination skills. Christi makes it fun but it is always challenging also.  It doesn’t matter where you are to start she will help you get to the next level wherever that might be for you. Christi also brought to my attention Juice Plus+. This is a supplement program that provides daily doses of fruits and vegetables in capsule form.  While like everyone else, I try to eat well, there are times when I don’t and I’ve found these supplements to help balance my diet.  Adding this to your overall fitness plan is a great idea when you know that you don’t always have the time (or will power!) to eat as you should.
Professional Womens Football Player
Brandice Mueller:
Child/ Adolescent Family Therapist
Age: 33
I have been involved in athletics since the age of 6.  I was a college level tennis player, have completed two marathons, a triathlon, and just completed my second year playing professional womens football.  Working out and being active has always been a part of my life. 
Since moving to the metroplex and beginning my profession and academic obligations, I found it difficult to maintain a consistent and challenging workout.  Further, as a former athlete I never thought it necessary to engage help from a personal trainer. I very much had the "i know what I am doing" attitude.  After riding an inconsistent and non motivating roller coaster of working out alone for four years, I elicited some help from my friendly neighborhood personal trainer, Christi.  At my very first session with her she took me through a body movement assessment. I was shocked and a little embarrassed to realize I have never done a squat correctly.  I was actually having diminishing returns. 
I have been working out with Christi for 10 months.  I began with personal training sessions and now couple it with her boot camps.  I attend boot camp 3 times a week. Every session is a new challenge and I am constantly pushed to the next level. The boot camps have helped me to maintain a healthy weight, strengthen my core, and strengthen myself.  I am excited to have found a functional, affordable, fun workout that has led me to be in my best shape again.  I look forward to one or two more marathons but most of all a healthy, fit, and happy body and mind.
I am always conscious of my diet and for the last several months have supplemented Juice Plus+.
I can tell I have more energy and drive. You can achieve whatever goal you want with Christi. It does not matter what you age, weight, or skill level is.  As long as you want to change for the better, she can help you make it happen. She possesses a contagious spirit and loves to watch people achieve their goals.  The workouts are never the same, tailored to your needs, and fun.  I have also enjoyed meeting an eclectic group of people with the same goal.
Mary Pease
Age: 89
I am 89 years old and have been working out with Christi for 10 years. She gives me lots of confidence. I have lots of energy and just feel younger. I am often surprised at my own strength. She comes to my home 3 times a week and before our workout I walk 2 miles. Working out has given me stronger bones, better balance, a healthy attitude and keeps me alert. She also introduced me to Juice Plus+ and I have been taking it for several months. I feel it has helped keep my immune system strong. I plan on continuing my workouts with Christi forever. I just couldn't do with out her!! 
Dr. Stan and Marcia Kurtz write:
Junanne Cooper
Hi, my name is Junanne. The reason I began to work out with my personal trainer, two years ago is, I wanted to become more fit and increase my energy. However, most importantly, I wanted to avoid the risk factors that have been in my family. (Heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis)  I am aware that exercise is a key factor for preventative health concerns; therefore, I began my lifestyle change of consistent exercise. Christi has been extremely knowledgeable and informative regarding not only how to execute the exercises, demonstrating each one, but also encouraging every step of the way! Oh, by the way, we also have fun as we work hard to achieve my goals! The Boot Camp is also a great way to exercise. You can meet new people and have fun in a completely different environment. Whatever you choose, Christi is a great asset to reach your goals for body, mind and spirit!
          What's your focus?
Have you ever used a Personal Trainer or Coach? If you are in the market, please do your reserach. There are a lot of Joe Schmoe trainers out there who arbitrarily pick exercises just to make you tired. Well, you can make yourself tired right? Do a 1000 push-ups, squats and crunches. Boom, you are tired. If you want to move better, without pain, have a program designed specifically for your body, and learn how the body can be reprogrammed effectively to move easier read on. You have to know your focus and your goal. You have to EARN your body!
I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to my website. There's much more to come!
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